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Welcome to Building Wealth

Building Wealth Group started in Singapore 2011 as a private network of investors, brokers and businessman sharing opportunities and deals. Our members specialise in Asia-Pacific business, real estate and investment consultancy. Our strength is that we operate at utmost confidentiality for our members as we know that the best investment opportunities are not available to the public.
Building Wealth Kiasu Investment Club benefits includes:

1. Access to million dollar deals in real estate, business and finance
2. International network of investors around the world
3. Absolute Confidentiality
4. Private group where investors and experts share their insights and deals
5. Networking events

Latest 8 Assignments

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  • Sigapore Metal Recycling Business for sale
  • Australia, Commercial buildings for sale
  • Australia, farming training business opportunity
  • Australia, camel milk business opportunity
  • Bangkok CBD land and JV opportunity
  • Malaysia Durian plantation for sale
  • China, Suzhou Shopping Center business opportunity

How does the Investment Club Works?

1. Join the club private fb group and forum
2. Share your expertise, deals and opportunities
3. Broker a multi-million dollar deal or invest yourself!

We also provide free strategy calls and specialised training for the following:

BW Business Strategists can help you develop your business strategy, take advantage of the many government grants and help take your business to IPO.

BW Investment Strategists can help you to get started on property and value investing to help you develop a long term winning strategy.

BW International Brokers can help you close that million dollar deals through our unique verification system where we protect buyer and seller representatives/brokers, providing 100% confidentiality. You never have to disclose your clients to the other party until the last stage where we facilitate the meet up between the buyer and seller.

If you are serious into business and investment, we urge you to join our network today.

Any queries, please contact us at [email protected]

Steps as a Buyer:

  1. Search through our database of deals.
  2. Identify those that matches your client.
  3. Disclose buyer and buyer profile to BW for verification. (BW will NEVER disclose buyer to any other party)
  4. BW will verify your buyer profile and arrange meet up with Sell side representative.
  5. Sell side representative will choose whether or not to disclose the actual Real Estate/Assets/Business.
  6. BW will facilitate buyer-seller meet up.

Steps as a Seller:

  1. List your property with us
  2. Disclose your Real Estate/Assets/Business for verification. (BW will NEVER disclose seller identity to other party)
  3. BW will notify you when there is a buyer, and offer you the general buyer's profile.
  4. BW will arrange meet up between sell side and buy side representative.
  5. You can choose whether or not to disclose the property and work with the buy side representative.
  6. BW will facilitate buyer-seller meet up.